Data Management For Water Treatment Professionals

Web-based software solution designed to support companies that routinely collect, compile, and report data.

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Software Solution

Water Treatment Data Management - Web-based software solution designed to support companies that routinely collect field data.

software solution for water treatment professionals

Web Based Solution

Still doing everything by hand? Data Drop simplifies data collection, analytics, and reports. Upload your clients and add or access their data online or via the Data Drop app.

Field App

Grant your team members access to client data. Help troubleshoot in the field with previously collected data, statistics, and trend lines. Upload results and images, create drawings, and get e-signatures, all this can be done on or offline.

Stress Free Reporting

Grant access to formal reports consisting of data, interactive graphs, and statistics.

Data Drop Syncs Your Devices

How it works

  • Upload client data.
  • Grant your team access.
  • Submit data from anywhere.
  • Send stunning and easy to read reports.

Field App

Record Gathering

Forget the pen and paper. Simply use your phone or any mobile device to collect new data.

Client Management

Whether you need to run one test or hundreds, Data Drop keeps track of what needs to be tested and when.

Enhanced Reporting

Create stunning and easy to read reports, with the ability to leave comments, upload images, drawings, and e-signatures.

App Preview

Works Offline

Record new data anywhere even with no connectivity. Easily upload the data later.

In-Field Analytics

Troubleshoot systems in the field using previously collected data, statistics, and trends.


Create permissions, and choose what data your technicians have access to.

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With the Data Drop app you can connect to your account allowing easy record submission and quick data analysis from your mobile device.

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